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  • Generic white box with private label sticker

  • Available in stock

  • No MOQ required


  • Reduction of effects caused by dry eye symptoms


  • Aspherical geometry with visual aberration control


  • Exceptional comfort and perfect fitting


  • Higher visual acuity and enhanced contrast sensitivity


  • Lenses immersed in a buffer saline solution with hyaluronic acid with wetting and lubricating properties, especially during the first hours of wear



The materials that contain glycol methacrylate showed an improvement of internal water retention with a low percentage of dehydration and a high rate of rehydration. Moreover, this material is particularly resistant to surface deposits and insensitive to pH variations. This polymer is made up by free radicals of hydrogen that naturally attract water molecules ensuring longer and more wettability and lubrication to the lens.



Differently from other aspheric lenses in the market, the high definition design of this lens combines the ideal aspheric curving for each power with the lens thickness and compensates for the visual aberration caused by the lens flexure on the eye surface. This means a better visual acuity from all distances, a larger depth of field and a reduction of refractive astigmatism, improving the contrast sensitivity and giving a sharper and clearer vision.



Water content


Base curve


Central thickness

Handling tint 

Power range



Hioxifilcon A (Hema+GMMA) with UV filter



8,60 mm

14,20 mm

0,092 mm (at -3,00 Dt)


-12.00 Dt a +6.00 Dt                       

-1200 to  -6.50   (0.50 step)

-6.00   to  +6.00  (0.25 step)


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DayVue 58 BIO

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