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HydroSi 100

high oxygen transmissibility and aberration control patent



  • Aberration control geometry

  • Low water content

  • High oxygen transmissibility

  • Low modulus that makes the lens softer and more comfortable

  • Lens immersed in hyaluronic acid buffered saline solution, with wetting and lubricant properties, for a better fitting and increased comfort, especially during the first hours of wear

  • No surface treatment

The cornea requires oxygen to be healthy. Silicone is a highly gas-permeable material as it allows the free flow of oxygen through the lens. As the cornea gets sufficient oxygen, its epithelium stays strong and safe. Low water content helps to avoid deposits from adhering to the lens surface, greatly reducing the risk of microbial infection. HydroSi 100 is a silicone hydrogel lens combining soft and moisturizing lens materials, balanced water content, low modulus and medium Dk/t. The special geometry of the lens compensates both for aberration caused by the lens flexure on the eye and for natural aberrations.



Water Content


Base Curve


Central thickness at -3.00



Power range

Innofilcon A with UV absorber


14.2 mm

8.6 mm


0.06 mm

0.8 Mpa


+8.00 Dt to -12.00 Dt                       

(from +8.00 to +6.50 and from -6.50 to -12.00 in 0.50 step; from +6.00 to -6.00 in 0.25 step)

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