HydroSi 86 
Tangible Plus

box of 6 monthly contact lenses


  • Generic white box with private label stiker

  • Available in stock

  • No MOQ required


  • Low modulus soft material, which facilitates application of the lens

  • High oxigen trasmissibility to support comfort


  • New extra coating creates a mucin surface on the lens material like the lipid layer to maintain it protected against dryness

  • Encapsulation of the lens ensures continuous and constant hydration, reducing the risk of deposit, lengthening the time of wear


  • Reduction of dry eye syndrome


  • Lenses immersed in saline solution with hyaluronic acid, with moisturizing and lubrificating properties, especially in the early hours of use

Hydrosi 86 balanced combination of the benefit of silicone and regular hydrogel with the extra coating technology. The key benefit of silicon hydrogel is to feed the eye with more oxygen than any other material for evaluating the contact lenses. Fitting and comfort matters more to most wearers.


The eyes are kept wet tears circulating beneath a lipid layer. A normal contact lens often disrupts this natural lipid layer causing dryness, irritation and lens frogging due to protein build-up. The new extra coating of HydroSi 86 prevents these issues in a simple and effective way. The cushion of tears above the eye is there because of a tear-friendly layer of mucin on the cornea. The ectra coating creates this mucin-like surface on the lens material itself. The coated lens is tear-friendly like the naturally occuring mucin layer, buoyed by tears ok both sides. This seamless integration of the lens into the tear film maintains the lipid layer so the eye is protected against dryness and the lens is protected against protein buildup.



Water content


Base curve


Central thickness

Handling tint




Power range



Unifilcon A with UV filter



8,60 mm

14,20 mm

0,09 mm (at -3,00 Dt)




0.68 Mpa

-12.00 Dt a +6.00 Dt                       

from -12.00 to -6.50 (in 0.50 step)

from -6.00 to +4.00 (in 0.25 step)

from +4.50 to +6.00 (in 0.50 step)

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