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Johnson & Johnson unveils ACUVUE VITA Brand



Johnson & Johnson has introduced ACUVUE VITA Brand, a monthly contact lens with new HydraMax Technology that ensures more comfort throughout the 30 days compared to competitors’ monthly lenses.

Among monthly contact lens wearers, 70% of them declared they have some problems related to contact lenses comfort over the month and 84% is forced to use wetting drops or to take out contact lenses for a while before put them on again.

“While we continue to believe that a shorter wearing cycle is better in contact lenses, these survey results shine a light on the critical unmet need in the monthly category,” said Zohra Fadli, Ph.D., Global Platform Lead Reusable Sphere, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care.

ACUVUE VITA has a non-coated silicone hydrogel formulation. Its Eye-Inspired Design helps maintain lens hydration during the month, enhance comfort and provide UV protection through blocking UVA and UVB rays. The lenses are made of Senofilcon C which is particularly suitable for the distribution of beneficial lipids all over the lens ensuring a low deposition rate. Moreover this lens make the most out of these beneficial lipids in order to keep the lens perfectly hydrated and to reduce the evaporation rate through the lens itself.


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