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Promedica Cabinet. Automated supply management

Using the Promedica Cabinet

The nurse or technician opens PromedicaCabinet to remove the desired device (stents, catheters, implants, for example). Promedicasoftware instantly records usage for seamlessly tracking and management. Detailed and sortable reports accessible from any Web-enabled device itemize product, status (expired or about to expire), procedure, user, distributor, invoice, and more, giving materials management teams and others access to real-time information to adjust inventory levels and better manage costs. The PromedicaCabinet can communicate directly with ERP systems, so reports can be sent directly to vendors, distributors, and manufacturers. 

Restocking the Promedica Cabinet

RFID labels are placed on the item package or box, and the item’s barcode is scanned to “enroll” it into the system. Enrolled items are ready for placement in the PromedicaCabinet (an RFID tag identifies the user and unlocks the cabinet doors). Items are placed on the shelves with the RFID tags facing the rear of the cabinet.

The cabinet doors are closed and the items are ready for use.

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