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Promedica Cabinet HD. Automated supply management

The power of Promedica Cabinet, the versatility of High Density

Promedica Cabinet HD provides materials managers with an easy to use system that automates high-value medical device and implants management in any healthcare setting, including cath-labs, operating rooms, pharmacies and clinics.

Using patent-protected RFID technology in combination with point-of-use reporting, the Promedica Cabinet HD gives hospitals precise, real-time inventory management, including expiration dates, at the item level. ProPlatform’s advanced cloud-based software gives the entire supply chain an accurate view of inventory levels, usage, and status of high-value medical devices. The UHF model enables management of smaller items in larger quantities, making the Promedica Cabinet HD useful in additional areas, managing even the smallest implantable devices.


the Healthcare System Benefits

Its unique performance include:


Flexible shelving options for smaller or larger medical supplies and devices


Locked glass doors cabinet for maximum security


Pull out shelves and trays for increased usage levels


Lights for increased visibility of devices and supplies


Adaptable to any type of room, including clean room environments


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