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UnodropsHY  Drops

the power of Sodium Hyaluronate

for a immediate relief of the eyes

UnodropsHY gives an immediate and lasting sense of relief and restores the right hydration of the eye.

Sodium Hyaluronate has high viscoelastic properties, which improves the lubrication and biocompatibility of the lenses.

UnodropsHY Nebiluzer

a unique eye drop available

in spray to be used on open eyes

UnodropsHY Spray is the only and unique eye drop available in spray to be used on open eyes. 

It helps to relieve tired and red eye conditions.

Thanks to its high vaporization, it can be applied with contact lenses and with make up as well.


  • High hyaluronic acid concentration (0.3%)


  • Compatible with all type of contact lenses


  • Immediate relief thanks to its high viscosity


  • Improved lubrication


  • Rapid aid to tired and dry eyes


  • 100% made in Italy




  • Optimal hyaluronic acid concentration (0.2%)


  • To be used on open eyes


  • Easy handling thanks to its vaporization system


  • Compatible with all type of contact lenses and make up


  • Quick eye rehydration in spray


  • 100% made in Italy




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