Daily Color

our best seller worldwide appreciated

daily color contact lens


  • High water content


  • Fresh, sterile new lenses every day


  • Easy handling, perfect fit


  • Rich range of colors


  • Universal geometry to fit most wearers


  • Perfect lenses even for the first-time users

Pretty Eyes Daily Color lenses are worldwide distributed and appreciated by many users as long as they offer them the possibility to get glamourous eyes for any upcoming occasion. They rappresent the easiest way to change the eye color in a moment with a fresh pair of lenses every day, just for the fun of matching an outfit and creating a new, distinct look. Five astonishing colors, available with single vision prescription, as well.



Water Content


Base Curve


Central thickness at -3.00


Power range

Hema MAA


14.0 mm

8.6 mm


0.15 mm

Blue, Green, Pearl, Hazel, Violet

0.00Dt to -6.00Dt                       

 in 0.25 step

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