Solidra Eyedrops

eyedrop with hyaluronic acid

in 10 multi-mini monodoses

In the treatment of ocular dryness, the activity of hyaluronic acid is carried out by means of the bond which is formed between this acid and the mucous membrane of the eye. The presence of such bond reduces antigenic problems and side effects and increases the time that the main ingredient remains in site.

Solidra Eyedrops introduce the use of hyaluronic acid at an optimal concentration (0.16%) improving the hydration of the eye.

  • Provides immediate relief for tired and dry eyes


  • 10 reusable multi-mini doses


  • Solution at 0.16% synthetic hyaluronic acid


  • High viscosity solution


  • Maximum mucous adhesion


  • Unhygienic and allergic phenomena reduction


  • Prolonged treatment time


  • 100% made in Italy




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