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Vision Plus 55AC

a superb level of visual quality for a successful lens


Vision Plus 55AC lens is avalaible since many years on the market with very good results in fitting and customer loyalty. The lens combines excellent material with special aspheric geometry for aberration control. Spheric lenses tend to reflect light more strongly at the edges than in the lens center, thus focusing light in different planes. This focussing error is known as "spheric aberration".

Vision Plus 55AC monthly clear lenses correct both spheric aberrations and higher order aberrations of the human eye.



  • Constant and long lasting presence on the market


  • Improved visual acuity, especially in moderate to high prescriptions


  • Enhanced contrast sensitivity


  • Astigmatism correction up to one diopter


  • Valuable choice for low astigmatism, early presbyopia and those who wish to improve their overall vision


Water Content


Base Curve


Central thickness at -3.00

Power range

Methafilcon A with UV absorber


14.2 mm

8.6 mm


0.08 mm

+10.00 Dt to -20.00 Dt                       

(from +10.00 to +6.00 and from -6.00 to -20.00 in 0.50 step; from +6.00 to -6.00 in 0.25 step)

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