Vision Plus 55 SH

latest technologies for an optimum

all day long hydration


  • Unique contact lens material containing sodium hyaluronate already before the moulding step


  • Innovative and unique technology


  • High definition vision


  • Aspheric geometry allowing full aberration control with improved visual acuity at all distances, for a sharper and clearer vision


  • UV absorber


  • No loss of comfort and wettability, as sodium hyaluronate is part of the new chemical structure of the raw material of the lens



Sodium hyaluronate is a natural, biocompatible and highly viscous molecule with excellent wetting and lubricant properties. While manufacturing the VisionPlus 55SH lenses, this component is added to the HEMA and the other raw materials before the moulding step. In this way a new chemical structure is obtained and sodium hyaluronate will not be released outside the lens, with sensible gain of comfort and wettability. This innovative and unique technology differs from other technologies that add sodium hyaluronate only during the hydration process.



Water Content


Base Curve


Central thickness at -3.00

Power range

Bioxilicon B with UV absorber


14.2 mm

8.6 mm


0.10 mm

+10.00 Dt to -15.00 Dt                       

(from +10.00 to +6.50 and from -6.50 to -15.00 in 0.50 step; from +6.00 to -6.00 in 0.25 step)

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