Private Label Project contact lenses.

Disposable contact lenses

Vision Plus 55 AC

Vision Plus 55 BIO

HydroSi 150

Vision Plus 55

Sodium Hyaluronate

Vision Plus 55 BIO  Toric

HydroSi 100 Toric

HydroSi 70


DayVue 58 BIO



DayVue 58

Sodium Hyaluronate

HydroSi 70

 Coming soon, not available yet

Following  the New Guidelines of the Ministry of Health dated 03.28.2013, relating  to the health advertising about medical devices, we advice the internet users that the information contained in this web site are exclusively oriented to professionals people

Available under a special purchase project

Available in stock or
available on demand

The products of Marshal Intergroup Srl are available both with Marshal's brand (without minimum order quantity required) and with your personalization (with reasonable minimum order quantities).

Personalized products can be realized with a sticker applied on generic boxes or a complete private label project.

The lenses can bear the CE mark of Marshal Intergroup or the CE mark of its customer.


Manufacturing Strategy

HydroSi 86

Tangible Plus

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